JMSDF Tateyama airshow

Because the base is located in the remote point of Boso peninsula, the show is visited by small number of people.
This will give you a relief if you are tired of visiting airshows in Japan with crazy number of people.
Although the number of spectators are small, the show is great.
The JMSDF helicopter fly all day for review, demo and rides for civilians (chosen by lottery)

If you are interested in visiting this airshow or any other Japanese Airshow featured in this site, please refer to the page "Guide to Visiting Airshows in Japan"

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HSS-2B Taxi

HSS-2B from JMSDF 21 wing taxies in formation.
Lead aircraft is 8159, followed by 8133

HSS-2B Rescue Demo

HSS-2B, 8145, from JMSDF 21 wing performs rescue demo.

S-60 Shirase S-61, 8183, normally is on board the Antarctic research expedition ship "Shirase"
OH-6D Shirase This OH-6, 8773 is also from Antarctic research expedition ship "Shirase"

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